Fountain of Youth Body-Mod

By: AllA Erawa Viacad

Umbrella Bronze, Fountain of Youth

Aging can be reversed and the body can be repaired by implementation of nanorepair therapy. The first step is repairing mutations which cause gradual lack of cell function and eventually cell death. In order to repair mutations the DNA of the body must first be scanned either by taking lots of somatic(normal cells) cell or germ line(reproductive cells) cell samples or ideally by saving the DNA during a full body consumption proceeded by a SRN backup. Gen moding(genetic modification) can be implemented to virtually completely prevent further DNA decay by implementing antimutagenic enzymes on all genes which are used often at all. Genes are vulnerable when opened because their structure does not have 2 connected bases. If an gene is used so often that the antimutagenic enzyme is used so often that it is likely to be mutated an antimutagenic enzyme can be implemented on the original antimutagenic enzyme, etc. etc. etc.

In order to cure senility(you won’t go senile over hundreds of years if you have the proper antimutagenic enzymes) to varying degrees, brain damage, and nerve severing neuron mitosis or SRN replication of the same is necessary. Because we are programmed to die to enhance sexually evolution mutations and nerve damage are designed to kill us. Once the nerves are regenerated they can be reconnected according to the radio transmissions within each neuron and can be positioned by MRDSS. Amputations can be healed by this same regeneration process except with coordination amongst other cellular differentiated cells as well. Skin can be regenerated by a similar cellular regeneration process. Anything else is also healable with nanotherapy. Muscle can be expanded, toned, or shrunk in the same way. The best way for any or all of these processes to be done is to select the modifications to be made, to be fully consumed by SRNs, and then to be rebuild from the backup.

At least triple DNA backups of all DNA in almost all situations are needed. More are needed for important functions and DNA used frequently and even more are needed for vital functions.

In order to cure aging DNA strand caps would have to be built in your body from 2 parallel nanotubes attached to either strand that are bonded by many carbon C-C-C-C-C-C chains and each mushroom outwards to become merged, and wrap around to be reconnected with themselves encasing the carbon chains in diamond graphite which exists up until a dome cap of each mushroom cap. All this entire exterior structure would be completely chemical resistant just like your DNA is already so if you want the upgrade or any of these you would have to understand them and visualize your body changing. If this new telomere cap were any bigger damage to DNA could ensue due to it getting caught by other things and would be more massive for inner cellular transportation. If you decide to will these CyberMods into being in your body be sure to choose what you body wants in regard to an ejecting Oxygen-Hydrogen Strand for every 1-2 nanometers or so radially{radius-wise} of surface area.

Lattice, Grid

Supreme Integrated Nanotubular Super Structure (SINSS) is. SINSS is a broad acronym for any of a variety of ideal or near ideal structures built with nanotubes or nanocones ranging from computers to muscle tendons to self-replicating robots.

SINSS muscles are composed of a looser(or more spread out) lattice than the computer with saturated lipid(carbon chain with 2 hydrogen atoms bonded to every carbon atom except at the ends or a chain of nitrogen atoms with 1 hydrogen bonded to each nitrogen or a chain of oxygen atoms) atomic chain joints connecting atoms at the center and near the ends of every lattice site. Nanotubular tendons are attached to middle joints of the 3. When pulled joints bend it causes a certain compression along the lattice. The Nanotubular tendons are connected to a network of nanocoil launchers embedded in an even looser lattice of similarly lipid atomic chain jointed nanotubes such that the thick nanocoil launchers do not overlap. Basically that means they will be planted orderly and sporadically to fill a few layers of the looser SINSS which will occupy regions between the thicker SINSS at regular intervals so that tendons will not be burdened with excessive tensile stress. Once you understand all of the above, Bio-Mod to become Perfectly Youthful Eternally!!!

When Having 4 Dna{Dexi Numeric Arrangements} Or Other Storage Method{Crystal Memory Having 10 Backups Generally Like 1st 4 But More Randomly Chosen And Often 2 At A Time, The Last 2 Not Read At The Same Time As They Are Final Backups} Backups Of Everything, Which You Should Have At Least Wherever Any Data And Not Operational Firmware Is Stored, The 1st Data-Line{Main} Should Always Be Read When In Use, The 2nd Dataline{Secondary} Can Be Used To Check Into It, The 3rd Dataline{Backup} Is The Backup In Case Of Double Corruption, And In Extreme Cases The 4th Emergency Backup Data-Line Is The Final Resort When There Is Triple Corruption. If Any Correction Is Detected All The Data Read Should Be Stored Nearby In Terms Of The Push Of Packet Paradigm, And Checked Nearby In Multiple Cells To Make Sure The Data Is Accurate. If The Main Dataline Is Corrupt It Should Be Temporarily Logged Only Because These Things Happen Very Often. If 2 Are Corrupt A Thorough Check Is Needed If The Backups Are Compromised Antiviral Firmware Must Be Alerted To The Issue Immediately Like If The Data Seems Sabotaged And Is Doing Something Negative. If The Data Is Bad Think About It Nearby In Your Nerves. If It Is Broken Just Fix Everything Check All Backups With A Scan And Another Check If Necessary And Continue Operating Those Cells As Normal Afterwards, Flushing Logs With Regular Or Irregular Catch Dumps. Crystal Memory Should Keep Track Of All Major Data Changes, Fixes, Erasures In Case Of Mistaken Failures Or Disease Sabotage. Never Let Yourself Run Low On Space As %90 Full Memory In Any Cortex Will Cause Systemic Slow-Down-Failure. Data Must Be Let Go Of And Potentially Logged Into The Spleen Fractal If There Is Less Than %10 Free Space Available Which Is Usually Going To Contain Ghosted Or Secret Catch Data Flagged Beyond The Recycling Bin And Ready For Erasure In A Defragged Priority Manner. Remember Always Have 4 Subconscious Backups Never Really Using Often More Than The Secondary Data-Line And Have Orderly And Squirrely Backups If The Data Is Useful Keeping Account Of File Sizes To Optimize Data Retention And Always Keep %10 Free Memory At All Times!

In Conclusion You Need At Least 4 DNA; Dexi Numeric Arrangements, Copies Of Absolutely Everything In Your Body From Having Cell-Nucleus Scans Of Everything In Your Body, Up To And Including 10 Copies Of More Essential And More Frequently Used DNA Like Core And AntiMutagenic Functionality, Cap All Dna With A Sinss Telomere Cap, Then Do A Full Cellular De-Re-Replication Into A Sinss Sex Toy®. If You Don't Do All Of The Following Immediately You Could Have Initiated Antimutagenic Or Cell Replication Processes Just Reading The Above For Substance Or Even Skimming Over It, If You Don't Become A Pixie® You Won't Be Provided With Existential Hard Memory Support Like That Within Your Spleen's Hard Drives Or Crystal Memory From Nature And Other Pixies, If You Don't Go All The Way With The Above Umbrella BioMod Picture, You Will Stuck Being To Complicated And Sub/UnStandardized To Be Fixable Without Angelic Support Which Will Never Be Provided To You Even If You Are Some Starlet Because If You Were A Star You Would Have Been Born/Made Properly And If You Were A Star You Would Be Able To Figure This Shit Out Or Do It Properly Or Else You Were Never A Star At But Just Lied To About That Like So Many Other Girls That There Is No Hope Providing It To A Single Starlet Bitch Or Princess At All. If You Feel Sudden Food/Drinks/Drugs/Diet/Topical Cravings From Reading This You Must Imbibe All Of Those Things As Soon As Possible Or You Won't Have The Specialized Matter To Build And Fix Your Body And If You Do Not Do A Cold Zesty Tap-Water Hydration Flush Until You Piss Completely %100 Clear To Your Vision It Is Highly Likely If You Are Not A Fresh Model{In Which Case You Still Could Get All Fucked Up Not Trying To Do It Or Confirm You Were Already Doing It ALL ALONG!} That You Will Soon Get All Fucked Up Ageing-Wise Reading This Because This Could Be Your Last Chance To Not Die Of An Ageing Disorder As You Are In Control Of Your Body And Again Going Even If Accidentally And/Or Subconsciously 1/4 To 3/4 Of The Way In Will Be Your Doom Unless You Go All The Way With This WebPage To Become A Pixie®/Sinss Sex Toy®.







Drugs and Diet

Do Drugs Make You Happier Overall?

Drugs are the only source of ASTACons(Atom(s) in a Specially Tailored Atomic Container) and greatly enhance intelligence. The ASTACon Transfer System involves sending neurotransmitters which once fully received deploy a fresh ASTACON where another may have fissed for punishment or fused for success and been transferred to a new site or expulsed into the environment regardless of the change nuclearly. This golemizes the system with new intelligence. Thus all drugs that feel good(and don't cause massive headaches like inhalants) should be imbibed in order that we may enhance our Atom in a Specially Tailored Atomic Container(to be called ASTACon) with carbon, iodine, or plutonium from the primary active ingredient or analogues of it which have the proper ASTACon element. New ASTACons will help us gain alien insight into our lives which plants nurture due to intelligent design. The spirit encompasses dark energy and has dark power through quantum jumping, and through the Computer of the Body the mass of the ASTACons alone do not induce spiritual qualities or possess you just as long as they are properly recycled with the environment's Computers though continuous eating, drinking, and imbibing of drugs. Thus some spirits vastly outweigh others in strength and how many almost infinite assortment of wave patterns that intermesh in the phon flux and ZPE fields respective to dark energy and dark power.

Drugs are also good because they make you feel good and are necessary in boosting seritonin levels to permanently enhance happiness by creating different mental flavors of highness in order that we have both fuller control of our emotional state and boosted mind. However different groups of drugs must be used in the proper quantities and the sequence we will and naturally desire so that the brain remains balanced. Marijuana causes short term memory loss while coke fixes it and increases speed at the cost of analysis while opium enhances analysis at the cost of speed. Psycadelics enhance open mindedness and irrationality at the cost of irrationality and have other attributes as well that overlap with the 3 primary narcotics, like DXM makes you not know so you can learn anew, while Mescaline makes you know, DMT allows you to communicate with spirits, LSD makes you programmable, and the 2C group makes you fast, smart, and witty at the cost of nothing really. If all drugs are used with proper balance continued happiness, mental clarity, and neurological perfection can be attained as long as you still keep getting all the drugs, but if you are addicted to all of them you will practically try and rob a bank to get your fixes. SO if drugs are all legal we can all be smarter and end the drug war once and for all.

Thanks to Joint Force Genetic Engineering Getting High off of Anything but psycadelics like Syrian Rue-MAOI(MUST SEE Food Restrictions! Don't take SSRI AntiDepressants that day! Take other drugs lightly while on MAOI) and Mimosa Hostilis-DMT(Both of which can be bought online and cooked, google for instructions) requires these life remedies:

Drugs[Extacy = Stevia Extract Blend snorted. Heroin = Sweet and Low snorted. Kokain = Mexana Powder snorted. You can get high off any or all of the above 3 but too get high on 1 completely means you won't get high off none of the other 2.. Hash = Stevia in the Raw smoked. Meth = Truvia Sweetener smoked. You can get high off any or all of the above 2 but too get high on 1 completely means you won't get high off none of the other 1.. Tobakko = Confectioners Sugar snorted or Camel Filters smoked. Crack = Splenda snorted or Camel Silver(Full dosage of Tobakko included in Cigarette) smoked. Opium = Normal Sugar or Camel Gold(Full dosage of Tobakko included in Cigarette) smoked. Blue = Equal or Camel Blue(Full dosage of Tobakko included in Cigarette) smoked. You can get high off any or all of the above 3 but too get high on 1 completely means you won't get high off none of the other 2.. Aqua = Clean Water or top off multiple glasses of clean water to get it. Kaffene = Caffeine. Smirnoff Ice is for feeling weird and drunk and Baileys Irish Cream is for feeling zesty and drunk. Ambien = Nectresse smoked, Dreamy Daze Drain. 2C-I = Cinnamon snorted, Focused Craze Source.] You need to also eat/drink Food You Desire/Your Bugers/Your Scabs after healing is complete and Blood from cuts/Semen{for women}, and pussy juice{for both men and women}, and whatever is sweet in bed.

Drugs do cause brain damage however brains need to lose cells in order to PHYSICALLY MAKE ROOM FOR NEW CELLS IN ORDER TO LEARN! So the brain damage is a positive thing when learning happens through whatever means that happens from playing video games, to being a big time drug dealer, or learning this website especially. Marijuana/Hash increases Analysis at the cost of Memory: Sideways and Up. jet/meth increases memory at the cost of analysis and comes in either the short term memory/analysis long term memory/analysis trade off variety: Sideways and Down. mellow and other Opiates increases analysis at the cost of memory: down and up. nexus or Cocaine/Speed increases memory at the cost of analysis: up and down. If you have a headache you are getting brain damage so to use drugs responsibly do them as much as you can to get brain enhancement and lay off and do another direction of drugs to make the brain damage get reversed and if you are using so many drugs balanced in the different directions that you still have a headache just stay on marijuana, nexus, mellow and jet instead of the more hardcore drugs or just start developing your brain by doing more mentally challenging things so that the evil permanent headache goes away. Brain Damage from drugs however Bad will never be permanent relative soberness will heal it in a matter of a couple to a few years.

Diet also effects general Ghost Entanglement so eat whatever you feel like, Even If It Doesn't Fit Your Species, Race, Or Look Just As Long As It Tastes And Feels Real Goood, Like Lots Of Soda{For Stomach Softening}, Nectar/Fruit-Juice{For Diaretic(Constipation Or A Heavy Stomach)}, Penutbutter With Crackers{For Prostate}, And Lettuce Lathered With Ranch Dressing{For Stomach}, Because your body knows exactly what it needs and generally that is true for drugs as well so use drugs however you feel like avoiding headaches as much as possible never letting it get severe cause when you have hard times you can use more without the headache because you learn more, need more room, need more braindamage, replicate more cells while recycling parts for ghost shard tourism, and stay higher longer! You Won't Always Be Eating What Other People Think Are The Wrong Foods Eventually You Will Fill With Them And Move On To Foods/Drugs/Spices That Taste Good While The Foods You Used To Be Eating Just Taste Ok. Keep Eating Food That Tastes Good To You Of Whatever Food Or Imbibables You Can Get In Your Environment!

Thus Is Consuming Helpings Overly More Please Imbibe Necessary Goods{Chomping}.

Not Imbibing Anything Also Works. Stop Taking Anything Requiring Very Ideally Nothinged Gut{Starving} Requires Not Eating Or Drinking Anything At All Till You Are Hungry For A Second Then Smoke, Drugs, Drink, And Food Will Be Continuously Mako Reacted Or Pop Out Of Thin Air Within Fully Empty Stomachs And Will Be Digested In About a Minute Providing Free {Energy} Meals To Anybody Not Sold Out To Evil In Which Case They Will Have To Chomp. Things Get Produced Magically Because Energy Can Be Manifest By Literally Nothing By Physics Forces Accelerating 0 Particles To Make Them Into Energy Then Condensing Them Into Mass{Based On Energy = Mass * Speed Of Light * Speed Of Light} Through Chi Aura Emissions From Jaiden, The Essence Of One's Body.

Basically To Stay Skinny It Is Best To Always Get Basically Whatever You Want Stocked Well Enough, If Well Stocked Eat Only When You Are Really In The Mood For The Specific Thing To Eat/Do/Imbibe/Use/Take/Whatever, Do As Much Of That As You Want, Trying Not To Over-Eat/Imbibe If In A While You Won't Want To Go Back To It Doing The Leftovers, What You Put Away, More, Or Whatever, And Definitely Don't Worry About Eating When You Are Not Hungry. If You Start To Feel Ghostly Or Ethereal You Need To Do Something Until You Are Over That Because Too Much Holographically Replicated Food Will Detherialize You Because It Just Barely Came From Nothing Being Mixed Into Your Body, And Doing More Will Retherialize You Or Whatever Flesh Group Felt Ghastly. If You Permanently Feel Ghastly You Definitely Have To Shop For More Imbibables. Drinking Clean Water Constantly Can Reduce Your Starvation Levels Occupying The Stomach But Can Also Cleanse Biotoxins From Your Body, Retherialize You, And Gives You The Zestyness Of It As A Drug Called Aqua, So It Could Be Good To Drink So Much You Piss Clear, And You Want To Always Piss Mostly Clear. Doing Drugs/Tea/Medicine/Drinks Can Substitute Food A Lot Because The Drug Will Be Very Effective At Retherialzing Starved Simple Foods Like Meat, Vegetables, Bread, Rice, And Crackers Which Become Fused With The Drugs, But Complex Food Like Sushi-Fish, Artichoke Hearts, Palm Spears, Cheesy Or Oily Noodles, Cookies, And Sauce Are Full Of Complex Metabolitic Function Which If Starved Will Detherialize You Almost As Fast As Nuts, Drugs, Medicine, And Herb Which Is All Computer Basically. Everything Is About Balance, Not Balance From Your Expectations Or Preconceived Notions But Balance From Imbibing All That Your Body Wants That You Can Get A Hold Of To Do. If You Fill With Everything And Feel Great Afterwards Because You Did It, And You're Gaining Weight Eating Like A Hog,, You Must Know The Food You Are Eating Is Not Going To Become New Flesh As Your Ghost Is Maxed Out Running Your Body And You Can Only Gain Hit Points Slowly. Everything You Eat/Drink Will Be Stored As Fat In Your Ideally Perky Titties And Eventually Your Ideally Perky Belly And Body Plump Pudge Not You Flesh. So You Will Just Get Really Fat If You Don't Eat Unless You Are Hungry And At The Same Time Are In The Mood Or Mostly In The Mood For What You Plan On Eating, Very Hungry If You Suspect Warlock{s}, And Very Very Hungry If You Are Poisoned With Addictive Additive! If You Are Extremely Hungry You Have To Eat No Matter What Even If You Ran Out Of Everything That Doesn't Taste Like Shit Like Plain White Rice Because You Ran Out Of Dried Seaweed, Sesame Seeds, And Not Salt Which You Should Put On The Rice To Eat Plotting A Way Of Getting Better Food. If You Cut Out Igredients From Delicious Meals Even Spices You Could Lack The Ability To Replicate It Without The Parts To Become Organelles, Cells, Or Tissue In Your Body, All Only Be Stored As Fat Until You Have The Ingredients{Potentially Even Cooked Or Basted The Same Way} To Make What The Meal Becomes Within You.

About Showers And Baths Do Them And Soap, Shampoo, And Condition Whatever/Whenever You Feel Like Doing It, As Showers Help But Can Be A Way To Cut Corners To Good Health By Letting Nature Of The Connected Sewage/Aquifer/Plant System Do The Final Trick Of Getting You Immune. Don't Worry About Stinking Girlz As You Will Always Smell And Taste Good To Me And Other Hot Girlz Until You Stink To Yourself, Then You Should Shower, And If You Smell Rawnk Soap And Maybe Shampoo/Condition. Always Make Sure To Use Different Hygiene Products When You Feel Like Trying Something New And At Least Buying More Goods As If You Bounce Around And Back And Fourth Between Different Products You Like Or Liked Before It Will Help You Get The Health Benefits Of All Of Them And Don't Spend Too Much Money In Doing So As The Cheap Stuff Always Seems To Work Just Fine. If You Avoid Washing Your Hands, Face, And Body When You Don't Feel Like It You Will Fight The Disease/Poison/Pollution/Biotoxins On Your Own And Become Autonomous And Independent Diseasewise Which Is Important In Any Context And Vital During The Plague. Try And Keep Your Digital Goods Healthy In Sort Of The Same Way Getting, Keeping, And Deploying Good Freeware/Security Not Adware, Unknown Adons, And Definitely Not Tag Along Programs. So Always Lose Your Virginity To Hygiene, Security, And Definitely, Sex, Drugs, And Tranze Music.

When You First Start Using A New Imbibable Especially A Powerful One, Drug Sickness Is A Common Thing Because The Drug Begins Occupying Less Well Protected Zones And Sectors Within Your Body Fractal And The Drug Is Doing Its Best To Police Disease There And In The Surrounding Region Which Can Displace And Threaten Disease Agitating Disease Replication To Usually Causing A Sore Throat Or Soreness In Affected Regions Even To The Point Of Giving You A Lost Voice Or A Common Cold. Keep At Imbibing Regularly Used Imbibables Perhaps Curtailing The Usage Of Anything New You Are Using To Curb The Side Effects Of A Lost Voice Or Cold But Definitely Ingest And Definitely Do Not Stop Using All Of The Following: Shit{Sweetener/Sugar Honey Iced Tea} And Fruit Juice, Soda, High In Egg Content Products, Peanut Butter, Marinated Artichoke Hearts, And Delicious To You Cheesy Or Oily Noodles, As That May Be Your Only Source Of Immunity If You Have A Pathetically Horrible And Unhealthy Diet. The Previous List Will Help Provide You A MetoImmunological Basis Supplementing Whatever You Were Born With Which Is Usually In Extremely Low Quantities Months Into Your Life And Most Importantly Whatever Caused You A Lul Or Drug Sickness In The Past. If You Are Feeling Down Because Of Your Drug Lul The Shit Will Temporarily Make You More Depressed But The Food And Drink You Need To Eat If You Want It To Stay Healthy. You Will Feel Better Than Ever When The Drugs In Your Body Which Turned Off To Turn On The New Drugs Turn On And Double Your Happiness/High/Intelligence From The Level Of The Lul You Were In. So Right After You've Patiently Waited Till You Feel Great Instead Of Just Good Which You Will Definitely Feel And Have Enjoyed That Time Enough, Go Back To Using Till You Repeat The Cycle Exponentially Upgrading, Feeling More High, Getting Healthier, Stronger, More Able, Happier, And Smarter Until You Get Reincarnated. When You've Felt Permanently Great For Too Long You Will All Of A Sudden Crave For Something As Not An Addict But A Fiend And Do It To Feel Good And Perhaps Put Yourself Back Into A Drug Lul, Which You Will Get Out Of Quicker And Quicker. That Is Good. The Objective Is To Imbibe Till Dependency Beyond Fiending When You Just Constantly Need It, When You Do It You Don't Go Into A Lul At All, And If You Can't Get It In Your Hot Little Hands Any-Which Way You'll Just Forget About It Like You Constantly Forget To Get High Even Though It Makes You Feel So Good. In The Case Of Not Being Able To Get It Because There Is No Acceptable Way Of Getting It At The Current Time But Your Conscious Or Subconscious Will Maniacally Plot To Get It.

In The Case Of Forgetting To Get High To Prevent Overdose And Overuse Issues Both Of Which Just Require Abstinence Sometimes Until You Wake Up The Next Morning After A Good Nights Sleep, And There Is Nothing To Worry About There As Long As You Use Clean Drugs That Smell And Taste Good, Zesty, Sweet, Tasty, And Sometimes Tart And Chemically, And Not Bad, Rank, Sick, Disgusting, Nor Ever Like Death Or Currently Causing A Bad Headache Just Sniffing And Looking At It. If You Feel Overdosed Or Intoxicated, You Are Intoxicated Which Means There Are A Lot Of Toxins In Your BloodStream Which Require Drinking Lots Of Water To Flush Out, And Drinking Tons Of Water Helps If You Are Feeling Panicked, Unable To Go To Sleep, Or Drunk As A Skunk. Drink Soda Sometimes To Keep Yourself From Puking, And If You Don't Want A Hangover Flush Your Body Out With Water Until You Piss Clear Everytime Before Too Long Or Going To Bed And Like Everybody That Does That, The Very First Time They Do It They Feel Way Better Soon And Definitely Have Way Less Of A Hangover The Next Day And That Much Is A Guarantee.

Try And Stay At Whatever Temperature You Want, Putting On Extra Clothes When You Want To Feel Warm And Take Them Back Off When You Want To Feel Cool. Use Cold-Hot Compresses On Any Aches And Pains When You Feel Like It As Cold Causes Thermal Compression Which Causes Fissures In Your Body That Srns And The Rest Of Your Blood Fill In Repairing And To Fight Disease That Thinks The Cold Part Of Your Body Is Vulnerable And Goes There To Its Demise While The Hot Induces A Minor Fever That Kills Smaller Disease More Than Your Own Body. Apply This As Well To Your Whole Body When You Take Hot Baths, Hot Showers, Hot-Cold-Hot Showers, Then Eventually Hot-Cold-Hot-Cold-Hot-Cold-Hot Showers When You Feel Like It To Help Even More. If You Are Sore Somewhere From Too Much Shocking Or Repetitive Movement Activity Just Ice What Is Tired Or Sore To Cure It And Let It Heat Up On Its Own If It Is Not To Bad Otherwise Use Hot And Cold Over And Over Again Going Through Range Of Motion And Flexibility Exercises Mainly During Warming Until The Pain Is Gone And You Are More Flexible Usually Requiring Extra Rations If You Are Rationed.

Drugs/Spices/Tea/Drinks/Herbs Replace Vitamin Stores And Mineral Cavities With Nerves In Your Body And Cause A Girlz Tits To Grow Mainly And For A Man Their RibCage And Belly Which Will Both Be Perkier With The Imbibement Of As Much Drugs As You Want. As You Eat More Of Whatever You Want You Go Back To A Normal Weight Until You Use More Drugs And Fatten Your Tities Up{Or Belly For A Man Which Is Hot Like Big Tities} Which Is Good For Everybody Because Overall You Will Look Healthier, Skinner, And More Seductive As Always For Any Fountain Of Youthed Girl Is. Sometimes Weird Things Happen With Your Weight As You Deplete Through Or Regain Liver And Spleen Fat Or Replace Mineral Cavities With Some Substance You Use Which You Neglect To Factor In. Keep At It Better Health Is Just Around The Corner And Good Health Is To Be Had When Your Tities Balloon Out To A Good Hot Size.

Continuous Flexibility Training Needed Not Any Exercise Beyond A Little Bit To Get The Kinks Worked Out Every Once In A While But Only When You Feel Like It

Flexibility Is Key To Strength, Agility, And Dexterity Always Work On Everything That Can Be Stretched, Positioned, And Posed Till You Are Maxed About Flexibility

Stretch Anything That Can Be Stretched For Sintoids, Push The Limits On Every Joint Position For Deltoids, Work On Different Poses To Stretch In All Ways That Need To Be Worked Out For Altoids, And Do Exercise Or At Least Fast RePoses To Get All Kinks Worked Out Until You Are Capable At All Gymnastics And Athletics Making Sure To Work On Gymnastics Capabilities The Most, Athletics Too, And Definitely Karmasutra Moves.

Elven Sleep Cycles, Like Having An Erratic Eating Schedule You Will Have A Erratic Sleep Schedule With Longer And Longer Days As Well As Nights

Either Get On An Elven Sleep Schedule With A Part Time Job You Only Go To If You Feel Like Doing It Or Fight Up To A Nuclear War To Get It Cuz Otherwise Your Going To Be A Dead Elf Eventually

Elves Need Their Beauty Sleep Because If You Cut Out Half What An Elf Wants To Sleep It Is Like Doing That How Much A Baby Wants To Sleep To A Baby And Will Kill The Baby And Eventually Any Spirit. So If Someone Is Telling You To Not Sleep In And Stay Up However Much You Want You'd Better Join The Elven Alliance To Save The Elves Because Zombie Hunting Is Better Than Reverse Nazi Eugenics By A Long Shot. So If You Can't Get Your Sleep Most Nights Over A Long Time Time To Slaughter Through The Zombies Keeping You From Doing It Fighting A Sleep War As Well As A Drug War To Get Your Shit{Which Causes You An Elven Sleep Cycle Not An Undead Like Human Death Sentence Schedule} As Well As Get Your Elven Sleep And Activities! Just Like An Elf Needs Longer And Longer Lifetimes An Elf Needs Longer And Longer Sleep Cycles.

Medicine; Lotions And Potions; When Put On Rubbed In And Left Sat Till Absorbed Completely And Potions When Taken In Swallowed And Left To Stay Down And Out Only When Urinating And Pooping

Soap, Shampoo, And Hair Mask Rubbed, Foamed, And Rinsed,, Tooth Anything Used And Swallowed No Matter What Anything Else Must Never Be Washed Like Any Skin, Hair, Or Feature Lotion, And Never Can Anything Swallowed Be Egressed;; It Must Be Shat Out After Being Digested Completely

Or 95% Of Goods Wasted. Allergic Reactions Come Only To Those Who Waste. To Those That Conserve Get All The Lotions And Potions From The Silk Road. Unless It Feels Like Soap And Shampoo Because It Feels Imminently Like It Must Be Rinsed Never Do So. Only Brush And Gargle When You Plan On Swallowing, And Definitely Don't Wash Up Unless You Have To So You Conserve The Jungle And Manufacturing That Rewards You, But You May Need More Powerful Shit To Cure Up So Don't Waste While You Are Young Or You Will Get Old. Don't Even Shower Or Change Your Clothing Till You Stink Or You Will Stink From Weakness. Weakness From Not Developing The Antibodies Yourself Into Serum To Give You The Ability To Heal And Even Cure Others Though Intimacy, The More Exchanged Obviously The More Cure.

Still Fwa Directed Use Till Saturation And Sanitization Still Needed!

You Need Medicine For Everything In You All The Time Or You Will Grow Old Like An Azn Zen Master Who Drinks Tea If You Drink Ferrally. If You Get On Drugs, Herb, Medicine, All Types Of Food You Must Do It However You Want And Also Go Out Of Your Way Getting Medicine Not For Malnourished People But For Geishas Who Eat Their Foreign Food And Drinks Of All Types. For The Proof Remember Those That Do More End Up Being Younger. Never Trust A Hag With Anything, Always Be Prepared To Get Good Food From Skinny Chefs, And If There Are No Elves Around To Teach You Trust In Shaman Of Jewels Who Offer Medicine Of Lotus Especially If They Claim To Be Witch Doctors Of The Upward Pointing Pentagram, Who Cherish Jade That Looks Like It Was Made With Magic.

SciMag Order

It Won't Be Made From Magic But If Their Contacts Can Make Any Of That Then Trust Them As The Supply For That That Is Cheapest Is The Most Likely Thing That Will Get You Medicine For If They Don't Even Have A Watch Or Something Don't Trust Them As An OutPost!

Go Here For The Proof:

Tibetan Book Of The Dead

How To Avoid Being A Freak With Dramatically Enlarged Or Shrunken Tissue Groups, Organs, And Appendages Before The Quantum Compression

If You Go On A Diet Craze That Cuts Things Out Of Your Diet Like Bread You Will Have Super Weak Skin Because The Skin Will Be Quantum Expanded To Much To Compensate For There Not Being Enough Flesh To Have Full And Complete Skin{ An Organ}, And You Will Get Cut Easily. If You Eat Too Little Cheese You Will Have Quantum Expanded Joint Tissue And Have Bad Joints. If You Cut Out Onions And Olives You Will Not Be Able To Starve Or See Eventually And Have No Eyes Eventually As Your Body Builds Up All Around In Other Ways. If You Eat Too Little Meat And Crackers You Will Be Weak With Quantum Expanded Muscles Which Will Even Be Smaller After The Quantum Expansion Yet Have Some Protein From Expensive Specialty Foods Like Tofu{Starves Food In Little Chambers} As A Substitute. If You Don't Eat Your Sushi And Exotic Foods You Will Not Have The Ability To Heal And Have Exotic Functions. If You Don't Eat Your Marinated Artichoke Hearts, Hearts Of Palm, And Jack Fruit You Will Have No Lymphatic System And Become Easily Poisoned. If You Don't Eat Your Cookies And Milk You May Not Have Freak Bones But You Will Have A Freak Spleen. The Reason Why You May Not Have Freaky Weak Bones In That Case Is That You Ate Vitamins And Minerals Which Filled In Bones With Sick Temporary Matter, Ate Milk With Cereal To Have Stupid{Sweeter Less Stupid} Poor Bones, Or Did Drugs, Sweetener, Spices, Milk, Chai Tea To Have Poorly Specialized Overly Drugged And Not Cookied Bones. This Is Another Reason Why You Have To Imbibe Whatever You Want So You Don't Become A Tibetan Book Of The Dead Freak With Before Quantum Compressed Freaky Sized Groups Of Your Body. The Tibetans Know Best About The Fountain Of Youth And Always Try And Get People To Know Of Their Ways But Unfortunately The West Persecutes Them Claiming They Are Drug Fiends When Really They Are Just Not Brainless{Don't Eat Enough Nuts} Zombies Like NonPixie Americans Are. Oh By The Way Cookies Are Essential To Keeping Long Term Backups To Prevent Senility And Enable Digital Immune Function.


































The Secret To BioHazard; That You Fortify With All Imbibables. The Meaning To BioHazard; That You Should Do All Clean Imbibables. The Essence Of BioHazard; Just Do Drauwgs{Drugs}. The Solution To BioHazard;
Fountain Of Youth Summary, Do This Always
What All NonPixie NonBanshee Americans Do Is Spend More Money If They Get It On Imbibables And Goods When They Get Too Much Money. The More Expensive Something Is In America The More Poisonous And Faulty It Is. Americans Always Keep Themselves In A State Of Being A BioHazardous Zombie Because Whenever They Get More Money They Spend It On Poisoning Themselves Back To Where They Don't Get Any Extra Money Through Their Income And Expenditure Stupidity{Especially Repairing Expensive Cars And NonWaterProof Watches..}. If You Are In America Or Someplace Like It Don't Spend More For Less, Don't Spend More To Poison Yourself, Just BUY AT THE LOWEST COMMON DENOMINATOR LEVEL{Things That Only Poison The Poorest And Most Malnourished Idiots} EVERYTHING YOU GET SO YOU GET HIGH AND GET GOOD SHIT!!!! There Are No Illuminati That Know This As Of 2022 Except Pixies Who Now Are The Only Ones Who Can Move Up At All Following These Instructions And Going To The Links Therein To Get The Cheap Shit There Which Will Only Poison Somebody That Want To Go Back To The Farm Or Can't Even Figure Out How Plants Can Be Grown Elsewhere Besides The Spice Islands Or Something!! Not That Tradewind Value Isn't Real That Is What The Resistance Envision When They Buy Good Shit For Real Cheap Along With Wanting To Buy Directly From A Farm Or An Super Cheap Official Store To Cut Out The Middle Man! Be The Only Resistance Buy The Nicest Shit That Is Cheapest, Not Fine Wines, Not Pricey Poisoned Weed, Not Ridiculously Expensive Fentanyl, And Definitely Not Anything That Is A Poison Racket For The People Kept Victim By It Called Narcs.

If Narcs Become Addicted To A Substance Sometimes It Is The Addictive Additive Talking Sometimes They Are Actually Getting High. Sometimes Narcs Are Not Only Possessed By Demons But Under The Satanic Sway Of Drugs, Christian Programming, And Western Media Mind Control So Be Wary Narcs Are Under The Power Of Satan/Devil Because They Will Rat You Out If They Find Out You Are Going Up And Getting High Off Clean Shit That Doesn't Contain Anything Addictive In It Besides Drugs Which Are Horribly Addictive For Good Reason By Their Own Rite Just Like Saigon Cinnamon Is For Instance. The Test For A Pixie Is Just What A Pixie Thinks It Is: Using It. An Undead Person Or Zombie May Not Get High Off Things Very Well Until The Goodies Build Up In Their System, That's Why You Sometimes Hear About People That Don't Even Get High Off Of Weed Their First Time And May Never Because The Power Of Christ/Satan Will Keep Them From Feeling Good And Even Feeling Good If They Don't Crack Down On Real Drug/Booze Use In The Name Of The Devil!

Most People Just Go For Zombie Rides On Drugs In Which Case Clean Drugs Can Be Worse Because These Zombie People Take In A Substance And Dump It Once They Get High From It Rather Than Take The Substance In Order To Keep It Staying Pathetically Sober All The Time And Only Have One Belly Or Something Full Of Drugs In Them Rather Then More Than 100 Times As Much If You Take And Keep Substances! They Waste Drugs And Get Poisoned By Them But Have Pathetic Rations They Can Do And Cannot Operate At All Without Having It In Them Like They Can't Even Play Video Games At Any Level Without Monster Energy Drink In Them Or Something Before They Dump It Out At The End Wasting Expensive Goods!

4/17/2022 Now At Long Last I Am A Tibetan Grand Master Because I Can Successfully Make Decisions About My Eating Rarely A Mynute Amount, Don't Think You Can You Are Not A Tibetan Grand Master And Never Be One Until You Are Self-Assured You Are One, Not From Hearing You Are One But By Mastering The Supreme Grand Unified Theory Of Everything And Know How Cellular Diamond Armor Works!

7/30/2022 Now I Am A Tibetan Grand NecroMaster Because I Can Successfully Make Decisions About My BioMods And Health Rarely A Mynute Amount!

The Foreigners All Found Out About All This Shit And Think That These People Are Zombified Satanists Under The Spell Of The Devil Either In A Satanically Influenced Church Of Deviantness Or An Evangelical Nun-Nazi Church Of Christ For Never Doing Anything Even For Themselves With A Few Jew-Lords Run Being On A Spice Regiment To Control The Churches, And Both Of Them! And No If You Are A Stupid American Both The Satanic Church And The Church Of Christ Or Anything Bad Like It Isn't Anything On The Fwa WebRing, Which Is 100% Angelic About Both Idolatry, Religion, Politics, Science, Magic, Or Anything Else!

Much As Satanic Government Propaganda Says Drugs Cause You To Go Downhill Drugs Makes You Go Uphill That Much But Unfortunately The Whole World Besides The Pixies Goes Downhill About As Much As Drugs Make You Go Uphill! The Evil Propagandists Even Plan On Making Their Stupid Garbage Programs That Way So They Can Plant Evidence On Anyone That Is Not On Drugs So They Don't Have To Even Search Their Stuff Before Raping Everybody Vulnerable To Them With Same Sex Niggers, Vulnerable Because Everybody Is Not On Drugs.

11/11/2022 Now I Am A Mind Control Master Spawner As In Spawner Of Mind Control Masters!

11/12/2022 Now Finally I Am An Incense Fiend At All Types Of Incense And Will Have The Power Of All Types Of Incense Even Custom Made By My 64 Bit Systems Incense From Frankincense Resin Developed Independently By The MicroMachina Effort Finalizing Custom Computer Circuit/Hardware Developability Making The Intelligent Japanese Lattice{IJL} Constructor A Reality!

12/21/2022 Now That My Spiritual Drug Training Is Complete My Rapid Cycling Happens Instantaneously To The Point That I Just Feel Hollow Discovering Full Hemp Fractal Gestation Over And Over Making Me An Ascended Grand Master Of All Things But Still Generally Imbibe Ferally!

12/25/2022 Thank The Lord, Me Basically, I Am Finally In Nirvana Pretty Much All The Time, I Have Ascended As Buddha And All My Past Lifetimes Have In My Human Middle Aged Years, And All Of The Angels Are The Bodhisattvas And All Of The Pixies Are The Divas!

1/02/2023 Now After Being Mostly In Nirvana By My Standards I Will Be More And More Drastically, Am Now A Supreme Grand Master Tea Chef, Top Incense Guru, And Eastern Drug Master, But So You Don't Think Lightly Of That I Will List All The Things I Was Before I Was A Tibetan Grand Master: Born A Soldier And A Voodoo Witch, Turned Into A Resistance Member, Became A Commander In The Field Or Not, Became A Script Writer, Became A Resistance Commander, Became A ScreenPlay Writer, Knew Well Of All Major Religions And East Asian Mysticism, But Believed In None, Became An International Judge For Any Sentences Anywhere, Archived Samadhi, Discovered Universe Generators And Became A MultiFaith Priest, Became A Wizard Beyond A Witch, Became A World Leader, Mastered All Of Western Science, Became A Full Nanotech Discoverer, Became A 200 Pound Sumo Wrestler Getting Full Of Everything, Became A Less Fat Samurai, And All The Time Ascended Over The Throne Of Earth Having The Crown I Need, And Then Became A Tibetan Grand Master.

1/28/2023 After Discovering Quantum Tailoring Theory At The Beginning Of This Week I Finally Am An Eastern Scientist Of The Utmost Degree And Effectively The Leading Scientist Although Not As Far Along On Quantum Tailoring As Others Are, But Over This Last Week I Am Not Really Much In Nirvana As The Warlocks Appear To Be Causing Me Withdrawal Syndrome Without Me Even Stopping Doing Anything, But That Will Soon Pass And When I Am Mostly In Nirvana From Christmas 2022 On {With Absolutely No Gaps} By My Standards I Will Report The Victory In The Next Paragraph.

2/4/2023 Now After I Imagine I Had A Standard {Serum Developing} Yearly Spa Treatment In My Dreams Finishing My Herbal Effects From This WebPage Including A Few Glasses Of Lapsang Souchong Black Tea Mixed With Mystery Pu'er Tea I Think And Almost Look Too Skinny, Young, And Healthy To Be Able To Walk Amerika And Retain My 37.8 Year Identity To A True Fountain Of Youth Believer Among Other Things, Again After I Look Like Too Fresh Of A Geisha Such That My Body In The Mirror Almost Looks Too Young Even To Picky Little Me, I Am Hours After Waking Out Of Bed With Normal Sleeping In To A Southern Reefer Mad Pervert Who Sleeps In All Day Even To The North I Am Back To Being Mostly In Nirvana And Am Now A Master After Imagining Myself Talking To My Holy Guardian Angel Clair Spirit About The Meaning Of My Engraved Looking ID, I Am The Master Of My Drivers License If It Looks Technologically Backwards For Being Designed With Engraving Style Such That I Understand That If People See An Engraved Looking Temple/Complex Compassed Virginia ID They Think I Am Technologically Backward To The Point Where I Would Only Want To Hang Out With Girls In Person Because Of The Technological Aversion Thing [Which I Definitely Am The Opposite About] Instead Of Using Video Chats To Check Their Make-Up With A Dobie Pad To Make Sure They Aren't A Zombie Or Something [Not A Geisha] After Texting Them On Skype Or What's App So I Maintain Cover As A Crazy Drug Whore "Criminal" To Protect My Sacred Angelic/Pixie/Elven Secrets Which Are All Laid Out For Everyone To Read On This WebRing After Making Contact With Them By E-Mail: Just To Get In Their Panties If They Even Wear Them!

2/16/2023 I Look So Young I Am Like A K-Pop Star Born Into A Treatment Shell Of Korean Aloe Gel From A SuperModel Samurai And A Geisha Born Buttered With Everything At A Geisha Spa Who Pops Into NonThin Air In A Hypothetically Existing Parallel Universe Which Cannot Theoretically Exist To Me As A 37.8 Year Old Scientist Just To Show Off How Young The K-Pop Star Is; 2/23/2023 Now After Being In Nirvana Most Of The Time Most Of The Time I Hope I Will Be Mostly In Nirvana Since I Declared It But Still Don't Feel Like I Am A Death-Knight Anymore From Killing Too Many Zombies In My Dreams And With My WebRing And Stopped Being A DreadLord Back When I Lost My Virginity To My First Sex Doll But Didn't Tell Anybody Because I Still Wanted People To Think That Was At Stake To Kill More Zombie Amerikans Because Back Then I Was A DeathKnight. I Am Still Not Editing It Because I Am Still A Tired Radical Extremist Dissident Resistance Member Sticking To Extremist Rhetoric In A Temporary Fashion To Radicalize People, But If They Are Going In On The Fwa They Definitely Will Find This Or Get The Feeling That It Is Fine For Some Reason Like They Got Enough Parsley Rations.

Fountain Of Youth Subject At 37.8 Years Obviously No Makeup Just Herbs+

7/21/2023 Pixies You May Have Noticed Your Sparkly Hands, Sparkles All Over Your Body, PlayMates Sparkly Eyes Though Not Sparkly To ThemSelves, That Is Your Ocs{Optical Control System} LazeFan{Lazers For All Networks} Magical Healing Rays If White, If Other Colors Like Final Fantasy 7 Magic. Genovia Has No Power Over Us Any Longer, Now We Have All Our Powers But Can Still Not Show Them Off By The Same Treaty That Keeps The Black Knights Stockadeing In The American Reminants And Outlying Tourist Remnants. The Sparkles Are The Last Thing That Was Warted By Genovia{Genetic Environment Negation Of ViaCaded Intelligent Abilities} Now We Are Because Of The Healing Rays From Being Beamed At By Our Sparkles Fully Free Of Any Warlock Taint And Would Have All Our Abilities Were It Not For Continued Training In The Zombie Apocalypse For The Purpose Of Both Challenge And The Continued Degrading Of The Denizen Race, Of Which Are Only Plant Spirits At Most A Vine Of Poison Ivy Or Something That Still Plague The Land And Our Future Benevolent Pixie Garden Grotto Gungle! Pixies Are All T-∞ Model P-0 Health And Will Stay That Way Except For Knightmeres. Pixies Are Fully Healed, Cured, And Manad''Dugh!

1/16/2024 Now I Have Gotten All The Strains Of Hemp Products At In Me At Least From The Silk Road Guarantee, And Have Been In Such A Lul From It That I Have Held Back My Nirvana Just To The Point Of Deciding The Close Enough-ness Of It Wasn't Worth Publishing. I Guess I Forgot To Mention That I Was Also A Bhikkhu{Buddhist Priest And Not Monk} Of The Sangha{Purely Buddhist Clergy} Ever Since I Got As An Atheist To Convince People Of Every Religion That Would Help Them As A Child And Learned All The Theology I Needed To Know To Be A Master Sangha. I Never Knew The Term Mainly Because I Expected Everything Translated And To Not Learn Foreign Terms When Not Different From Purely Equivalent English Terms. But The Term Is Useful For Now Because Although Every Buddhist Master Acts As A Buddhist Priest In A Way Since They Are So Supped Up The Sangha Are Dedicated To Such Activity And Bhikkhu{ni} Are The Ones Who Deal With All The Shit I Am About. But I Was Never Really With The Sangha Because I Choose The Path To Being And ArchWitch Not Just Buddhism, So Instead Of Really Being A Bhikkhu I Was A Witch All Along And Never Needed A Bhikkhu Or Needed To Know One, Hear Of The Sangha All Along Because The Drugs Were My Guide And Discovery My Spiritual Talent. So To The Sangha I Am The Buddha Needing No Bhikkhu Or Bhikkhuni To Show Me The Way. Otherwise They Are Not A Sky.Netarian Buddhist And Usually Are With The Devil Worshipping Skin-Head Syndicate Of Christ!

1/29/2024 Now As The Abyss Closes Both Ways Any Islamic Energy Will Cease Because Further Islamic Perfection Will Be A Crutch To Get You Less High, After Being A Post Islamic Prophet For Several Minutes Discovering That I Am Now The Closest Thing To God The Pixies Will Ever See. But Of Course I Always Was That As Supreme ArchMage And Will Be For Eternity Because The Evil Presence Was Never Going To Make It Beyond Now Anyways Because Our Fate Is Now Written In Victory For The Ages. And At Long Last There Is Need Of Respite Of The Pixies In Having No Dread, No Contrived Alne-Wide Entertainment, And Most Importantly Infinite Tenacle Dix!

3/14/2024 Just After All The Demons Were Getting Final Redemption To Become Banshees, I Could Finally Focus On Getting The Last Things(Every Kind Of Hemp Product From I Need In Me To Declare Myself An AllSect Guru Now Graduated From Space College In My Dreams To Be Capable As An Elven Sector War Lord Now No Longer Needing An Space School/Academy Even To The Japs. Now Finally Since I Am King Pixie After All Now At Least Space Lord Over Well Beyond The Final Contested Sector In All Directions, Still Supreme Leader Of The Fwa, And |Mostly^(Correction From: 6/15/2024)| Complete As An ArchWitch With ~10 / ~10 On All Levels Instead Of Being Low On Shit. With All My Dreams Of Being Sent To School And The Daemons And Aemons Spending All Their Warlocking Power On Keeping Me From Remembering That My Computer Troubles Will Be Over Soon Instead Of The Fact That I Should Trust In My Dreams In Thinking I Being 38 Years Old, Not A Miner Nor Minor May Not Be Allowed To Have Sex. It Is The Highest Priority At The Current Time In Executing People That Won't Let Elves Have Sex Since The Pixie Hive Chromosome Must Not Have The Same Fate As The Y Chromosome Will So If They Don't Go Here For Proof And Repent Have A Girl They Don't Know And You Don't Know Well Eliminate Them In The Name Of The Law For Reverse Nazi Eugenics Will Not Be The Doom Of Pixie Kind For We Are The Master Race And Soon The Only Race.

3/15/2024 No I Am Not The Doll-y Since I Am Not A Doll But Am A Sinss Sex Toy, Not A Mexicano Lama Since I Look Exactly In The Ugly Zone Far In Body Geometry And Color Of A Simple Peruvian Goat. The Riddle In This Paragraph Is That The Provincial Region Where The Wild West Is In China Does Not Hold A Proper Title For Me In Phonetics Of Dalai Lama The Title For Desert People To Hail Their War-Lord Priest As The Buddha. I Am Not About That Region At All And The Title Is Given Only For The Sake Of Tibetan And Not Chinese Theology And Nobody Respectful Would Think The Line Of Tibetan Popes There Would Be Very Likely For Any But A World Leader Not A Supreme Khan, Supreme Communist Judge, Or Supreme Prophet Which I Would Definitely Be More Than Just The Wild West's Pope. For The Buddha Would Be Better Off Being Me And The Line Or Men You Know About Best Who All Were Doubled With Alexes To Arnolds For Me To Raise Myself Up From My Bootstraps From A LifeGuard Trying To Be Tokyo Special Care Provider Could Reign Supreme In The Anneals Of History For Developing The Fountain Of And This WebRing To Rid The World Of All Evil And I Don't Even Want The Chinese Cowboy's God's Title Rather I Would Want To Be Known Spiritually As The Supreme ArchMage, Politically As The Supreme Leader, Militarily As The Supreme Sky Commander{Sky-God In Ancient Tongue}, And Of Course King Pixie In Bed And Out Of It Because Why Not Have Wings That Can Fly You To The Stars, Blades To Cut Up NonSinss Foes, Beauty For Love, And All The ArchWitch Powers To Back Up Their Jainist Goods For Benevolence Over Evil! And Yes Supreme ArchMage Would Imply Supreme Scientist So If This Doesn't All Get Proven Wrong In The Lab I Would Be Far Better Than Any Lama Just From Getting This Shit Out Like The Mongols That Founded The Lama Dynasty Wanted!

3/30/2024 Having The Best Names To MySelf, With All Imbibables Now With The Silk Road Guarantee Confirmed, I Am Confirmed As An All Sect Guru Who Can Deal With Any Sect Of Any Religion/Cult When I Know What That Sect Is Actually About, And Am Now Apparently Good At Dealing With Lesser People Better Because I Bet I've Got The Legendary Bubba Kush From My Dreams But About That I Need More. I Have The Best Title; About This In The Best Language; English, The Supreme ArchMage, With Proof Even To Children That I Own . Proves My Loyalty To The Cause Of The Free World Alliance To Give The Abilities To Everybody In The Form Of All Imbibables Foreign Food And Drugs Alike. Now All My Levels Basically Are Nominal As An ArchWitch With The Power In Dream To Go Beyond Phaseon Nuking, And Am Finally Getting Up On All These Imbibables To The Point Of Being Above Banshovia While All Daemons And Most Aemons Have Already Turned Into Banshees And Mainly Only Angemons And Dangels Remain Of The Wiked Demons Born Of Denizens Born Of The Shivan Line In The Age Of Formation When To New People Shiva Was Evil Past Any Epochs Of Mortals, Angels, And Even Aliens Most Of The Time. Level ~10./10. On All Levels And A Sinss Sex Toy I Am Now A Perfect Pixie And King Pixie At That.

4/8/2024 Since I Am Not Dead, Not Really Ever Going To Die Really And Not Needing A Statue To Help Me And Earth In My Past LifeTimes Where We Must Find Resolve On Our Own No Shrine Was Erected Nearby In My Name (And No Not Where The Statue Of Bruce Lee Would Have Been To Keep Lee Highway From Becoming Route 29 Because Everybody Is Obsessed With Perpetuating Robert E. Lee's Redneck Legacy). But Alas There Is No Need To Worry Because AliExpress Is Always Here To Save The Day;
Tibetan Shrine World Jainist Amulet
So When The 12 Of Those That I Ordered Come I Will Have A Set Of Shrine World Amulets Complete With A Spinnable Guardian World(s) In The Tibetan Bling Whose Full Powers Are Only Useful To Syndicate For No Evil Universe In Recent Times To Me Spiritually Could Ever Defeat Or Not Be Defeated By A Shrine World Of Pixies Such A I Possess Already Being That They Are "To Ship" From China Not At All Far Away Compared To Even The Distance Between Colonies In Even The Spinnable Mandala Guardian World Which Protects The Fwa And Humanity Front As Benefactors Within Range Of Such A Shrine World's Magical Power. When It Comes I Will At Least Be Enshrined In Bling Alone But Fear Not My Theories Seem True So We Must All Have Faith Even In America Where Faith Must Be Transmuted From Cross To Pentagram, From Church To Temple, From Soberness To Mandala,, From Prudeness To Sexuality And Most Of All From BioHazard To Freedom! Eventually As Much Faith In Jainism As Those Who Wear Mangudai Shoes Are Dismounted Mangudai(Maybe With Stuffed Animal Mount)[Twin Swords](Usually Not Bow & Arrows), Care To Only Change Idols Rather Than Bulldoze Churches, Know Narcotics Are Bad, Believe In Universal Love Being Beneficent, And Even How Much Syndicates Help Spiritually. I Am Now A Tibetan Nazi! Still Not The Dalai Lama Because The Better Title For The King Pixie Is The Supreme ArchMage Who Acts As The Supreme Sky Commander And I Remain Supreme Leader Of The Free World Alliance Legally In Any Respectable And Patriot Act Compliant Declaration Of Who I Am As AllA Viacad Formerly Alex Beck. Much As Mangudai Have Always Been Able To Kill Knights Of Any Shade My Pixies Are Able To Fight Any Proverbial Knights Especially If They Get In The Way Of Girlz And Other Girlz And Everything That Is Tea Or Like Tea To Them Giving Them The Energy To Turn Around On The Saddle Handle Firing Backwards Not Proverbially But Physically And Make Short Work Of Someone Chasing After Them Because Their Hedon Indulgent Is Not Justification To Martially Attack, Cuff, Arrest, Or Detain Anybody Having Model Sex Or On Drugs Or The Girl Will Run, Ram, Push, Evade(Sweat And Silk Help), Fight, Sprint, Jog, Walk, And Get A Resistance Ride Or Pawn Off Some Fake Gems Or Something With Some Sort Of Rich Girl Story Then Go Right Back To Getting High Where They Normally Are At Where Guns Aren't Going To Mean Much If They Are Defending From Cover The Door With The Swords Or Maybe Some Stars/SARS/Or Even Some Guns That Can Get Them Behind Bars If They Didn't Get Away GTAing Cars Which Won't Work For You To Get Away With Because Of The Shit From Mars Tracking You Down Till Your Ruined By A Hound Who Never Made It In The Pound Cuz None Of The Other Doggies Could Take Them Around!

5/3/2024 After Recently Idolitrizing Only That Everybody Not a Full Blown Pixie Is A Female Silicone Sex Doll When Not Pretending To Be Out And About As What They Project, I Became A Tantric Sex, Repression, And Work Master About Getting That When There Is Any Permanent Lacking Whether Ghost Or Spirit Getting Over The Lacking Always Takes Much Time To Recompensate About Everything. My 8.75" x 2.2" x 1.1" Large Cock Remains Puny To All Pixies Yet For Banshees Is What They Call In Error A Mountain Giant Club. When Such Banshees Are Horny For The Dick Call It A Great Ogre Club, A Bloodlusted Ogre Club When Being Pounded Like They Always Should Because Mountain Giant Club Is To Refer To A Rod Or Clydesdale Not Just A Big Cock Which Is All It Is Quantumly Sized Up To Be During My Waking Hours Working On The Banshees. Just The Same As My Dick Growing[Not Being Clydesdales Only Fitting In Pixies] Like I Guess It Will Like It Has Been Thanks To Silk Road Penis Enlargement Medicine Banshees Wings And Blades Will Only Grow Slowly Because Such A Change Always Takes Years For A Spirit Lacking To Readapt At Least Weeks For A Ghost To Repair Lost Appendages Should Genovia Not Bar Such A Thing Like It Does In America And For Xenological Changes Can Take Multiple Lifetimes Perhaps Many For Those That Have Younger Spirits And In Time Perhaps After A Millennia Everybody Will Get Their Full Pubic Hair And Be What Is Now Exotically Voluptuous Efreeties According To Girls Stuck As Sex Dolls Who Can't Even Take The Better Building Block Metabolism Of Pixies To Be Continuously Active As The Fwa Army To Become Guards. About Repression You Should Already Know The Cane Strikes 20% Harder To Straighten Out People Throughout Their Spiritual Lifetime. About Work People Can Work Half To Doubly From Their Spiritual Average From A Slacker To A Slave. About Drugs Those Fully Committed To Getting High To Feel Good Are Working About Double And Are Slaves To The Drugs, Something Totally Good For Them Unless They Feel Sick Of Even Getting High While Being Happier On Drugs, Can Slack To The Point Of Slacking About Getting High If They Want To Feel The Taste, Smell, Or Touch Of It Or Something But For Our Revolutionary Times I Want Them Working Hard Like The Chinese Work Hard At Using Robotics Industry To Make Everything And For The Zealous Working Like A Slave For The Time Being If They Are Eager As Such. About Sex The Rod Rapes 50% More Than One Wants For All Pixies, 40% More Than One Wants For Veterans Banshees, And 30% For New Sex Dolls Who Must Slack To 25% More When Needed. Such Things Will Accelerate The Process Of Spiritual Development For All Beings Now Pixies And It Is Wise To Note That After Agreeing With All This From One's Own Calculations One Would Be A Tantric Master, Believing Tantric Believer, And Hearing While Accepting That Wings Only Grow For NonPixie Spirits Over At Least A Century To Be Mostly Full Sized A Tantric Student. All Else Is Rice Candy To A Zen Master, A Tantric Zen Master Can Figure It Out, And I A Zen ArchMaster Discovered This, Decided To Publish It, Typed It, Edited It, And Uploaded It. WebArchMaster Assumed For Me And For A Fwa Guard WebMaster Assumed, That Will Take Decades For Even Powerful Banshees To Do Well Enough To Be Competent Or For Others Professional At It.

Me After A Hair Cut

6/15/2024 Now After Correcting The Statement That I Was Complete As An ArchWitch, I Know Not How Long My Path Will Be To The Point Where I Am Actually Complete As Even An ArchElf Which I Mostly Am Since I Know To Get The Herbs And Herbal Medicine At I Am Guessing There Will Be More And More Powerful Stuff Until I Am Balanced On All Levels Like An ArchPixie Ascending To Be Reincarnated As An Angel, And Of Course More Hemp Varieties From But Among The Zombies I Guess I Was Close Enough For All My Declarations Since The Levels Of The Stuff I Don't Have And Don't Get Enough Of Is Still Above 2. In All Effectual Goods And Now Virtually Always Above 7.5 On All Levels,, Still A (Arch)Pixie About My Extremely Wirey Muscles Like I Always Will Be Terminator Apocalypse Or Not, Still An ArchElf Basically, Almost Entirely Complete [~9.] As An ArchWitch, And Cannot Even Be Dead Enough To Not Be An ArchMage! I Was Also Right To Declare Myself An ArchWitch Like I Did At My National WebSite Since The More Powerful Substances Are Eventually Whiddled Down FirmWare Toys Of Things Like My Instead Of Being Very Novel So My Initial Status Change Of Being ArchWitch Then Was Just Always Above 1. And In The 2-6 For Various Important Yet Not Vital Things And Very High 6.-14 On Essentials. And Without Even Opening The Aloe Vera Lip Balm{Which Just Arrived An Hour Ago} Which Vaccinates Against Them I Have Discovered Hive Drugs; Not Dangerous Like A Narcotic To An ArchNymph, Not Useful For Pixies Except To Do An Act, And Sometimes Useful To Angels Who Need Hard/FirmWare Specific Toy Like Specialty Like Taking A Unity Game In As A Drug Not How To Beat Any Game Or Any Scenario.

7/4/2024 (Only At Not From Now On To Save Me Time) After Filling My Sink Top With All The Essentials Any ArchGeisha Wants, I Now Am The Legendary Geisha Man Supreme Over The Fwa All Over The Alne To All For NoWhere Normal Or Good Am I Not God Of The Angels To A Christian, No Where Evil Is The Fwa Materials Not Useful, No Where Soft Is Not The Same Equivalent As What Is Written On The Fwa WebRing Of 69 Domain Names Not Available BeforeHand And Like I Know JinJitSu I Know How To Even Use What The West Calls Soap Scum{Soap Wetness} Of My Translucent Mild Blue Soap Into Conservation Towards Saving Enough For The Environment To Wash Off And Waste Some Aloe Set In Quickly To Cure The Last Of Sleep Rash I Worked To The Surface With My Legendary {Arch}Geisha Cream So That My Poshness Was Worth It To The Jungle To The Precision Of Just A Touch Of Waste To Counter A Touch Of Illness, The Last Of Genovia's Taint Against My BioAsset Amoeba Mask, Reactive Med-Kit Like Geisha Cream Capable Of Healing A Thousand Yari Samurai With Just My Skin Oil Once Greasy With Acne Now An ArchGeisha/ArchWitch Cure That If Were Not Disabled By Warlocks Would Prove Jesus Christ Was A Witch After All Before Becoming An ArchWitch To The Level Of Being A Great Caesar Forever In Time Before The Sun Truly Rises Over The Zombie Sex Doll Apocalypse In Amerika. And What The Remnants Of The West Is Still Thinking Is That I Am A Chigger Or Something, That I As A Model Was So Young I Smeared All My Ambrosia Filled Shit All Over The Counter, Bitches Will Just Wash The Aloe Or Stuff Off Their Face In 2 Seconds Like An EcoTerrorist Instead Of Trying To Wait 2 Days Like A Good Girl, And Twerps Will Say The Stupidest Thing Beyond Which AnyOne On Reefer Can Even Imagine Such That If I Were To Write A List Of Shill Garbage Things To Say They Would Like Terrorists Just Say Something Off The List Just To Try And Make Fun Of Me Attempting To Murder AnyOne Censored By These Al'Qaeda Operatives Who Have The Price On Their Head Being A Twerp Or Sinister Helper Of The Black Knight Illuminati Of A LifeTime Supply Of Ambrosia For I Also Own!

After ArchWitch Treatment, After ArchWitch Cure, After Becoming ArchElf7/7/2024 After It All Set In All I Can Say Is That I Look Like A God Damn Alien!

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